Getting to the Airport….

There are few things more exciting to me than heading off to explore a new part of the world….or revisiting an old favourite for that matter.

I love to travel. Whether I fly, drive, cruise or take the train makes little difference to me….if I am going on a holiday, (or for my American friends, a vacation), I am about as happy as I can possibly be. I could not imagine my life without a passport. If they took away my passport, they might as well just shoot me, living life without the ability to explore the world around me; Well, what would be the point? Right?

Some people find the whole planning a holiday thing a bit daunting, with so many fabulous places to visit they can become overwhelmed with where to start to look. Which country?  Which airline?  Which cruise ship?  Which hotel?  What tour? What type of hire car? How much spending money will I need? What should I pack?

I, on the other hand, love the planning and preparation stages, I can spend hour upon hour researching. I will happily flit from website to website  comparing what they have to offer with what the next one has. I’ll sift through dozens of brochures from the travel agent. I enjoy the challenge of finding a better whatever for less money, a nicer room,  a cheaper fare, or a deal on an upgrade. I’ll read hotel and airline reviews, I’ll check seatguru and pick the best seat on the plane, I’ll check out the hotel’s tripadvisor ranking and read through a few reviews to get an overall point of view,  I’ll then search the forums and find nice places to eat or fun things to do when we get there.

All the information I gather will help me make my mind up….and when I’ve decided and booked, I trust that all will be OK, (and it usually is). Then the countdown begins, only 104 more sleeps until……

The night before take-off is the most exciting. It seems throughout the night one of my eyes, (only ever one), will open just enough to check the time on my alarm clock…..1.15 am, go back to sleep…..2.23am, go back to sleep….3.47am, go back to sleep….4.26am, go back to sleep. BUZZZZZZZZ, 6am……come on love, get up, we are going on holiday. YAY!

Today, we are flying. I would have already packed the clothes yesterday, Ollie would already be at the dog sitter, I’ve told the neighbours to collect the mail and call the cops if they see anything fishy going on around the house, the taxi is booked and I’ve already locked all the windows and the back door.

So….the flight is at, 10.30 am, that means we have to be at the airport by 8.30am….it takes 25 mins to get there, but we are going to allow an hour because heaven only knows that as soon as you have to be somewhere on time, like an airport, there is ALWAYS a phantom accident on the motor way or roadworks or the cab driver needs to stop for petrol…..or something, always! All things considered and calculated, we must leave the house by 7.30 am at the latest, that gives us 90 mins. Let’s get cracking!

I just need to have a quick cig, have a cuppa, have a shower, slap on some make-up and do my hair, pack up the toiletries, get dressed and just sit and wait for Marc to ask me if he has any brown socks to wear. (Yes, you do….you’ll find them in the same drawer your socks have been kept in for, Oh, I dunno…..the last 10 years.)

OK, let’s do a quick double-check, again. Passports, airline tickets, hotel reservation print out, wallet, purse, iphone, lip balm, mints, pen, jewellery and a change of knickers (we’ll get to why in another post).  Double check the back door and all the windows, again, make sure the stove is off, again. Switch off all appliances at the wall, (I don’t want the joint burning down while we are away), decide that I will take my pillow with me after all, open my case and stuff that in……and let me just quickly check the stove one more time, yes, I know, I’ve already checked it….just give me two seconds.

Right, taxi is here, grab the bags and lock the door, unlock it rush back inside, quickly have a look around….just in case….OK, all good, lock the door again, give it a quick push and shove to make sure, load up the taxi….and we are off!

10 mins down the road…..Darl, I feel like we forgot something. Did I check the stove was off? Yeah, I thought so. Oh, I’m so excited.

5 mins after that. SHIT! I forgot to water the plants…..Oh, well, they’ll be right.

We make it to the airport in 25 mins of course…..because, as we all know, if you allow an hour, there never is a phantom accident….or road works and the taxi driver never needs to stop for petrol. Duh.

One more quick cig outside, in the rain of course. It’s always better if it’s pissing down outside the day you leave for holidays to somewhere sunny. Oh, the satisfaction of knowing everyone at home will be miserable all day and possibly all week, but…. in a few short hours I shall be sitting in the sun with a cool drink in hand, in a far away land. Na-na-nana-na! Sweet.

Two thumbs up for travelling, getting to the airport on time and the overwhelming excitement that comes with going on holidays…..just as it should be.