I love bacon.

I tried to become a vegetarian not so long ago, for many good, just and valid reasons….but I failed. The one thing I missed the most was bacon. If bacon were a vegetable, I’d probably still be plugging away coming up with new and exciting vegetarian recipes. But, bacon is a meat and I am no longer headed down the vegetarian path of life.

Think of all the ways bacon just makes everything better…….

Bacon and eggs just wouldn’t be the same if there were no bacon….then it would just be, well, eggs. Let’s face it….eggs aren’t very exciting.

A BLT without bacon would just be an LT! Who craves an LT? Ummmm…no one!

Pasta Carbonara without bacon? What’s the point of that? Meh…no thanks. Yawn.

How about Christmas without little bacon wrapped cocktail sausages….well, it just wouldn’t be the same.

I cover my meatloaf in bacon strips before baking it in the oven….it gives the meatloaf a crusty, yummy outer edge and holds the whole thing together. Now, if I omitted the bacon, what would be left? A lump of boring mince meat…..that’s what!

Have you tried bacon pancakes? Fry the bacon strip and when it’s just about perfectly cooked….pour over pancake batter….wait until it bubbles, flip it over….give it 2 or so mins on that side…..then remove from the pan, cover in Maple Syrup and enjoy. It’s awesome.

Bacon goes with egg salad sandwiches.  Wrapped around prunes. On pizza.  In hash browns. It makes chicken taste better. Wrap it around scallops for a perfect appetizer. Toss bacon bits with spinach for the perfect side dish. Bacon and cheese anything….yum!

Have you ever tried banana and bacon on toast under the griller? Do it, you’ll love it.

The list is endless….bacon is awesome!

And Then………

Just when you thought bacon couldn’t get any better….the good people at M&S went and did it again, with yet another brilliant idea.

Bacon on a stick!

Yes, someone at M&S obviously loves bacon as much as I do and thought to themselves, “How could we make bacon even better? I know, lets wrap it around a stick and make bacon twist lollipops.”  He took this idea to the head honcho’s at M&S. “What a bloody brilliant idea”, they all agreed, let’s do it.

A minion was sent scurrying off to find the perfect stick on which the bacon would be wrapped.

A while later, in a flat in Hammersmith….Marc and I were sitting at home, with the delicious smell of bacon wafting from the oven….and in 15 short minutes our lollipops were perfectly cooked.

We sat and nibbled the yummy bacon off those perfect sticks and we were in bliss. The edges go crunchy and the bacon in the layer underneath is sweet and soft. What a great combination. We had the perfect little stick to hold onto, so no greasy fingers. We decided this was the best idea ever. Perfect for parties, perfect nibbles with a beer…..and a perfect snack whilst watching Law and Order SVU at home on the couch.

Here’s two thumbs up to bacon and two thumbs up to M&S for bringing us bacon on-a-stick….or as I like to say, as it should be.


The Stack….

There’s something I like to make for breakfast that I refer to as The Stack.

It’s a combination of toast, hash browns, onions, spinach, bacon and egg. All piled up on top of each other….and it’s delish. Thought I’d share the recipe with you for today’s version.

Step 1. Finely dice and fry off one onion and a clove of garlic until transparent.

Step 2. Chop up some bacon into little pieces and throw that in with the onions.

Step 3. Once the bacon starts to brown….add 3 large peeled and grated potatoes.

Step 4. Stir in a couple of handfuls of washed spinach.

Step 5. On a fairly high heat keep tossing and stirring the potato, spinach, bacon and onion mixture…..have a little nibble along the way and season to taste with pepper, parsley, chives and a pinch of salt.

Step 6. In a separate non stick pan fry up a couple of eggs in a good knob of salted butter….I suggest over easy for this recipe but cook them to your taste. Poaching is also very nice and worth the effort….but if you can’t be arsed, like I usually can’t, then frying works just fine too.

Step 7. Make a couple of slices of toast whilst the eggs are cooking…..don’t forget to give the potatoes a quick flip and stir while you are at it too.

Step 8. Butter the toast. Get a nice big scoop of the potato/bacon/spinach/onion mixture and place on top of one piece of the toast. Slice the other piece of toast and serve on the side.

Step 9. Balance the 2 over easy eggs on top of the toast and potatoes.

Step 10. Eat.

There are a few different versions I make. Sometimes I make the onions and potatoes but cook the bacon separate in big strips. I’ll stack that on later. Sometimes I stack toast, ham, potatoes, bacon then eggs. Sometimes I top with Hollandaise sauce. Sometimes I stack with scrambled egg on top.

You can think of your own versions too and be sure to let me know…..but stacking it all up, one ingredient on top of the next is really yummy.

Try it….you might just like it. Breakfast….Stacked….as it should be 🙂