About me….


I’m Shirl’, 44 year old housewife with a husband and a dog, a Westie, named Ollie. I talk about her all the time, she is my constant companion and brings so many big belly laughs into each and every day. I can not imagine my life without her.

I’m an Aussie, city born, country raised then headed back to the city again in my 20’s…..I now find myself living in London. What started out as a 3 month trip has turned into 9 and a half years…..but one day, if the moon and stars and heavens and pink flying pigs all line up just right….I shall live in France!

So, this blog. Well, I tend to have pretty strong views on a lot of stuff. Don’t get me wrong, there are things I couldn’t give two stuffs about….but the things that I REALLY like….or REALLY hate, well, they can get me going on a rant that could well last hours.

This blog is for me to get all the good things out to the world….to share my awesome finds or discoveries, to say thanks to those who I appreciate, to give someone an atta boy or a pat on the back when well deserved…..and also to blast the living hell out of things that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, the things that are just wrong and the things that make me want to sucker punch someone in the face.

Some things just need to be out of one’s system….to maintain good mental health. Here, whilst mostly I shall try to find good things to post about,  I shall also rant and rave and go off my nut. I swear when I am angry, so best you know that now. I won’t apologise for it though….sometimes there’s just no better alternative than a good, old-fashioned, honest and deep felt, fuck off/fuck you/ fuck that/fuck them/fuck this or the much used expression of surprise or shock in Australia…..well fuck me dead!





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