Super Powers….

So, today I got to thinking about super powers.

What power would people choose?

X-Ray vision, Strength, Invisibility, Telekinesis, Mutation, Shape-Shifting, Flight, Speed, Teleportation….the list of possibilities is almost endless.

For me however, there’s only one option. Linguistics! If I could choose a super power, it would be fluency in every language on the planet.

I think if a person had the ability to understand and converse with every other person on earth, what an advantage in life that would be, can you imagine all one could achieve?

The first and most obvious thing to me would be eves dropping on everyone’s phone calls and gossiping conversations, I can’t even begin to explain how satisfying that would be, being the sticky nosed busy body that I am. I could be sitting at a cafe in some far away land, acting oblivious but actually listening intently to every word….that would be brilliant. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

I could work as an interpreter for the United Nations, IMF, NATO or MI6, FBI or ASIO. I’d get to hear all sorts of top-secret juicy information….yes, here’s the sticky nose thing coming out again.

I could infiltrate a crime syndicate or become a hostage negotiator. How exciting!

I could become a Diplomat and be posted to serve in any country on the planet, I’d attend Presidential parties and soirée’s full of fun and interesting people. Of course that position also comes with a much coveted Diplomatic Passport and Diplomatic immunity, both of which, I am sure, would be very handy to have. Oh joy of joys.

I could travel the world and order food anywhere I wanted and know exactly what I just ordered, I wouldn’t have to worry about ordering lamb chop casserole and ending up with a goats head stew.

I could catch planes, taxis, trains and buses with ease in foreign lands with no confusion, getting lost or desperately looking for someone who speaks English to help me.

I could read any book published in any language from any country. I could watch foreign films with no need for subtitles.

I could understand jokes from lost tribes….no more would I hear, “It’s funnier when you hear it in Chamicuro!”.

I think the ability to be the only person fluent in every language would be the single most powerful of all possible super powers.

I would be the worlds foremost hyperpolyglot!

What would you choose?


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