Hello world….

Hi everyone, anyone.

Today is day one of my blog.

Here I shall discuss my thoughts, views, opinions and beliefs on a variety of subjects. Simply, things should be done a certain way. The right way.  The way where common sense prevails. My way in other words.

In life we have a certain expectation on almost everything….and today, I shall talk about butter, my expectations of butter, in particular, the butter that comes with your toast at a cafe or restaurant.
Last weekend we went to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Marc (hubby), Ollie (my Westie) and I got out of London for a few days and explored the countryside. Whilst there, we had breakfast at a place called The Tavern. I was delighted when my toast arrived. 4 thick, perfectly browned slices and TWO delightfully packaged parcels of wonderful butter! This was an unexpected but much appreciated surprise.

For far too long cafes and restaurants have been getting away with serving us those minuscule little pats of cheap, bulk buy butter, or heaven forbid, a horrid butter-esque concoction….sometimes they scroll it off a big slab to make it look a bit better, then serve it to you in little balls on a little plate….but I’m not that easily fooled. Netherend Farm and The Tavern have got it right though. This people, is how butter is done right…..or as I like to say. As it should be.

Thanks to The Tavern and Netherend Farm for starting off my day so nicely. Two thumbs up!

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